Advanced Cavitation Processing of Water, Slurries, Emuslions

Advanced Cavitation Processing of Water, Slurries, Emuslions

DEWA equipment

Cavitaton generator is the basis of DEWA-technology. We are offering both cavitator-generators RIA and full functioning complexes based on RIA, including automation systems.


Rotary-Impulse Apparatus (RIA)

Product line has units of different capacities. It can be produced for various applications: homogenization, decontamination, treatment of fertilizers, water, processing of foods pastes, oil products and others.

All components are mounted on a single frame.

DEWA-F – complex

Fully functioning complex is designed for treatment of suspensions of peat, humus, sapropel, etc. Includes a complete set of equipment: tank with a stirrer, pump, RIA, control cabinet, etc. All equipment is mounted on a common frame and can be transported in a container.

Установка для обработки топлив


Complex of equipment for processing of oil before the oil-cracking stage or for improvement of Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO, mazut) or diesel.


Wet Milling Machine

Hydroshock Wet Milling Machine (WMM), generation 2, is designed for producing liquid slurries which solid content up to 65%, average grainsize is 50…190mkm depending on material. Very low energy consumption!


DEWA technologies are based on periodical high-pulse (cavitation) impact on treated substance: liquid, mix of liquids (emulsions) or slurries (liquid + hard inclusions).

Homogenization & Fine Mixing

Due to the long molecular chains break and the additional fine-milling processed liquids becoming homogeneous (uniform). Even hardmixing liquids like oil&water are transformed into a highly stable liquid + liquid emulsion (surfactants might be required).

Preparation & Improvement of Bio-fertilizers

Peat, humus and other suspensions processed in RIA can increase the yield of humic acids, which are part of the fertilizer. Additional fine-milling below 100mkm enhances the reactivity of fertilizers.

Decontamination of Liquids

Bacteria found in beer vinasse, milk, sewage, humus based fertilizers, etc, almost entirely disappear after the DEWA-treatment.