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Amalthea-Service, LLC, is a part of Group of companies Amalthea and was established in 2004. Company specilization – moving energy effective technologies from the stage of early-middle development to the stage of commercial product, including marketing strategy, forming major technology benefits, pricing, etc.

In 2005 Amalthea-Service, LLC, together with Department of Machines for Chemical Productions of Tambov State Technical University (TSTU, Tambov city, Russia) created desalination unit DEWA. Rotor-Impulse Device (RID) earlier developed in TSTU  used as as a basis for DEWA.

During 2006-2007 Amalthea-Service, LLC, and Amalthea, JSC, built first independent Coal-Water Slurry (CWS) production factory in Murmansk region (North of Russia, above Polar Circle). This small factory is assigned to supply Coal-Water Slurry as a fuel instead of Heavy-Fuel Oil (HFO) for the local heating station. Steam boiler with capacity 6,5 t per hour was retrofitted to use CWS and/or HFO together or separately. Usage of CWS significantly reduces fuel expenses for the mentioned heating station. More details: www.vodougol.ru.

In a period of 2005-2009 Amalthea tested and implemented several cavitation devices for their usage far salt water (sea water) desalination, activation and desinfection. A chain of experiments and practical implementations in a field of treatment of oil and oil-made products (including fuel, diesel) were made using RID as a cavitation generator (DEWA-OIL technology). These implementations have shown exclusive characteristics of DEWA-OIL for processing oil and heavy-oil in the process prior to regular oil cracking.