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Decontamination Mechanisms

Cavitation destroys colloids and particles which contain bacterias. Thus, pathogens are deprived of the protection to other chemical and physical impacts.

The bactericidal action of cavitation is directly proportional to its intensity: the higher the number of cycles of DEWA-impact, the stronger the effect.

The impact of cavitation on aqueous solutions follows the splitting of water molecules in cavitation bubbles. Effect of cavitation on water leads to a change in its physico-chemical properties: an increase of pH, electrical conductivity of water, increasing the number of free ions andactive radicals, structuring and activation molecules.

Impact of high-intensive cavitation shock waves on bacteria like Salmonella or E-coli can reduce their numbers by thousands of times. The impact of cumulative jets of liquid at the collapse of cavitation microbubbles causes the death of the bacteria.


Experiments show that 5-time (5 cycles) DEWA treatment significaly (near 100%) reduces the presense of viable spores suspension of Fusarium solani and the length of actinomycete mycelium.

DEWA treatment of sewage water reduces the number of:

  • coliform bacteria on 100k times
  • thermotolerant bacteria – 60k times
  • coliphages (bacterial viruses) – more than 80k times.
Pathogen content in a sew water BEFORE and AFTER processing in RIA
#ParameterValue BEFORE processingValue AFTER processingAllowed content by SANPIN
1Total coliform bacteria (ОКБ), CFU per 100ml 9*104not obtained ≤500
2Thermotolerant coliform bacteria, CFU per 100ml 6*104not obtained ≤100
3Coliphages (bacterial viruses), PFU per 100ml 86not obtained ≤100
 Pathogenic enterobacteria, CFU per lnot obtainednot obtainedmissing

DEWA is a unique solution for the complexes of water decontamination. Its bactercidal effect could be used both as a part of common cavitation+UV+O3 water treatment and independently.

DEWA Decontamination is an effective technology for cleaning of sewage water, pool water, and especially for the destroying the sludge (mud) of treatment facilities.

 DEWA-impact for the purpose of decontamination is effective for many liquids, slurries, bio-humus, beer bard.

Most effective equipment for decontamination/desinfection is a Static Reactor. At the same time RIA also can be used for these purposes.