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Amalthea-Service, LLC, provides engineering services for implementing energy effective technologies using Rotor-Pulse Apparatus (RIA) of our production. We design RIA according to your specific task: preparation of emulsions&mixtures, homogenization, extraction, specific treatment of liquids (emulsions and suspensions). We have a serious expertise in a field of energy efficient technologies and their implementation into the existing infrastructure or new one.

We also produce and sell our own equipment and complexes based on RIA.

Our Equipment


Rotary-Impulse Apparatus (RIA)

Product line has units of different capacities. It can be produced for various applications: homogenization, decontamination, treatment of fertilizers, water, processing of foods pastes, oil and others.

All components are mounted on a single frame.

DEWA-F – complex

Fully functioning complex is designed for treatment of suspensions of peat, humus, sapropel, etc. Includes a complete set of equipment: tank with a stirrer, pump, RIA, control cabinet, etc. All equipment is mounted on a common frame and can be transported in a container.

Установка для обработки топлив


Complex of equipment for processing of oil before the oil-cracking stage or for improvement of Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO, mazut) or diesel.

Hydroshock Wet Milling Machine

Wet Milling Machine

Hydroshock Wet Milling Machine (WMM), generation 2, is designed for producing liquid slurries which solid content up to 65%, average grainsize is 50…190mkm depending on material. Very low energy consumption!