Moscow, Skolkovo


Milling, mixing and homogenization

Hydroshock for wet milling effictively micronize solid raw materials and high impulse technologies make liquids homogeneous (uniform). High intensive cavitation impact allows to mix liquids, gas and solids which are hardly mized using standard methods. Also, cavitation impact changes physical properties of the oil-based liquids: viscosity, flash point, pour point.

Combination of above technologies gives an opportunity to build multifunctional solutions:

  • Hydroshock milling technologies are realized in a Wet Milling Machine. WMM can mill coal, carbon, peat (turf), other solid materials and produces uniform slurries (suspensions) with grain size in a range 50…200 microns. Lower micronization is also possible.
  • Micromilling in RIA allows to produce uniform slurries with the grainsize below 100 microns and lower – depending on raw material.
  • Mixing and homogenozation is realized by RIA and Static Reactor. Static Reactor is especially effective for ultrafine mixing of liquids, liquids and gases. Additionally Static Reactor accelerates chemical processes in liquids, improve characteristics of oil-based products.