Hydroshock milling technologies and high-energy impacts change the physical and chemical properties of liquid media and suspensions. Hydroshock Wet Milling Machine mills nearly all solid particles with extremely low energy consumption. Rotary Impulse Apparatus (RIA) and Static Reactor allow to produce uniform liquid mixtures, emulsions and slurries (suspensions). RIA makes an additional micromilling and Static Reactor makes a deep impact on liquids.

These properties make a wide range of applications for DEWA equipement:

  • Production of slurries with higher content of humic acids
  • Production of coal, carbon and wooden slurries for further application (like gasification) with solid content up to 60…63%
  • Processing of oil and oil-based products for reucing flash point, pour point, reducing viscosity, making watered oil uniform and homogeneous. Static Reactor additionally breaks long molecular chains
  • Liquids Decontamination
  • Deep mixing and homogenization
  • Activation of chemical processes
  • Other special Applications


Liquids Heating

In some cases RIA and static reactors can be used for heating of liquids. Due to permanent process of collapsing cavitation bubbles inside the liquid,

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