Moscow, Skolkovo


Production of organic mineral fertilizers

DEWA equipment can realize a turn-key solution for producing organo-mineral fertilizers (OMF) – from preliminary preparation of raw material like peat, sapropel till final micronization and homogenization.

WMM makes preliminary preparation of peat/sapropel and produces uniform turf-gel.

RIA and Static Reactors are increasing humic acids output in OMF.

DEWA-F complexes are fully functioning technological units for producing organo-mineral fertilizers.

OMF are based on humic acids – dark brown natural organic which present in nature: soil, peat, coal, sapropel, shale, in marine and lake sediments, in the waters of lakes and rivers. Humic acids are the source of plant nutrition, a regulator of physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil, which determine favorable water-air and nutrient regimes of plants.

In a normal condition humic acids have low activity. So, there is task to activate them and to produce water-souble humic acids. Additionally, humic acids can function like a detoxifying agent, forming strong complexes with heavy metal ions and organic toxins, which in the complex lose their bioavailability.

Traditionally, to increase the yield of water-soluble humic acids are extracted with a slightly alkaline solution of potassium hydroxide (KOH) or sodium (NaOH) and micronization of raw material. However, the effect of such measures is not always sufficient, which increases the cost of using natural humic substances as fertilizers.

We developed series of DEWA-F complexes for extracting higher amount of humic-acids with significantly lower consumption of alkali.

DEWA-F produces uniform liquid OMF and makes next functions:

  • Homogenization – produced peat-gel is uniform and has solid content up to 18%
  • Micronization of original material till 100…150 microns (D90)
  • Stabizlization – produced OMF slurries are stable within a long time, do not separate and do not ferment
  • Increase of humic acids extract 2…3 times higher than with standard methods.