Improving properties of FO and HFO

Problem: decrease pour point temperature and viscosity of fuel oil and heavy fuel oi (FO and HFO), decrease catalystst’s consumption. Considering several points of oil refinery and several oil types, both RIAs and Static Reactors were uses. Totally, 5 units were installed – RIA-150, 200 and 250 and Static Reactors for 0.5 and 25 m3/hr.

Static Reactor

Overview Static Reactor is specific unit which is designed for the high energy impact on oil-based and other liquids. It uses a cavitation for breaking long molecular chains into a smaller ones and intensifying mixing process. Functions Static reactors are designed for improving oil and oil-based products by the decrease of viscosity, flash point and …

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Production of organic mineral fertilizers

DEWA equipment can realize a turn-key solution for producing OMF – from preliminary preparation of raw material like peat, sapropel till final micronization and homogenization.


Cavitation treatment demonstrates a disinfection effect or multiplies reagent’s impact.