WMM for producing organic fertilizers from bird droppings. Tul’skaya region

Task: production of organic fertilizers (OF) from bird droppings. Problems:

  • there is a large amount of bird feather in the litter, which is not crushed by conventional dissolvers
  • the initial raw material (litter, manure) is a heterogeneous, hard-to-process mass.

Solution: WMM is used to obtain a homogeneous suspension (slurry) from bird dropings. Litter, partially diluted with water, after processing in WMM has a uniform consistency with a particle size of less than 150 microns, which is sufficient for the needs of the Customer.

During the milling process in WMM, as well as after milling according to the Customer’s technology, NPK additives are added into the slurry in the required amount. The resulting organo-mineral fertilizers are packaged and sold through wholesale and retail channels.