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Swirl (vortex) Combustion Chamber for Burning Biofuels



Swirl combustion chamber (furnace) is designed for the effective combustion of liquid biofuels, mostly slurries (mixture of solids and liquids) which are produced from charcoal, bio-wastes, litter, etc. Instead of conserving them for future gasification we are providing solution for their direct burning in our combustion chamber.

Biofuels or raw-materilas for it are typically a liquid slurries with high moisture content, about 30…40%, and low calorific values – 15…18MJ/kg. Swirl chamber successfully burns this type of fuels!

Originally swirl chamber was developed to burn carbon slurry fuels (CWS) which is a low-carific value fuel. As carbon is banned for burning in many countries due to a potenrial of higher emissions we used our experience and extended an application of swirl pre-chamber to direct combustion of biofuels of different origins.

Swirl chamber has a spraying nozzle for the inserting the biofuel. Nozzle is specially designed to spray different types of slurries. Air slots in a prechamber’s body form a stable swirl (vortex) which makes combustion process stable and effective. Air which is blown into the slots forms a swirl (vortex) which looks like a small tornado – see video. Due to a ‘long way’ in vortex liquid fuels have enough time for ignition and full combustion. Even a lowcalorific slurry which is sprayed inside the chamber successfully burns.



  • Swirl chamber is designed to burn liquid fuels, preferably slurries. Chamber is installed as a stand-alone furnace or in front of a boiler. Biofuel is sprayed into prechamber where it is preheated and burned. Combustion products (hot gases) further moved to a drying kiln or unto a boiler – depending on needs.
  • Boiler which is equipped with a prechamber can burn both biofuels/slurries and other fuels: diesel of heavy fuel oil (depending on boiler type)
  • There is a range of chambers produced between 0.8 and 11MW
  • Connection to boiler or drying kiln is made individually.

Chamber consists of

  • Chamber consists of door with a diesel/gas burner, prechamber body, blower, CWS-nozzle, control system.
  • Front door has mounting holes for mounting mazut and/or diesel burner required for initial preheating. Additionally it has eye holes for visual control.
  • Chamber body is a horizontal or vertical cylinder equipped with thermo-sensors, CWS nozzle, secondary air input and secondary air slots for creating a swirl. Body is isolated with fireclay bricks
  • Blower creates a secondary air flow which makes a swirl inside a prechamber
  • Control system makes possible to vary parameters of combustion depending on fuel characteristics

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