Treatment of Water, Suspensions and Emulsions

/Treatment of Water, Suspensions and Emulsions


DEWA technologies are based on periodical high-pulse (cavitation) impact on treated substance: liquid, mix of liquids (emulsions) or slurries (liquid + hard inclusions).

Homogenization & Fine Mixing

Due to the long molecular chains break and the additional fine-milling processed liquids becoming homogeneous (uniform). Even hardmixing liquids like oil&water are transformed into a highly stable liquid + liquid emulsion (surfactants might be required).

Preparation & Improvement of Bio-fertilizers

Peat, humus and other suspensions processed in RIA can increase the yield of humic acids, which are part of the fertilizer. Additional fine-milling below 100mkm enhances the reactivity of fertilizers.

Decontamination of Liquids

Bacteria found in beer vinasse, milk, sewage, humus based fertilizers, etc, almost entirely disappear after the DEWA-treatment.

DEWA equipment

Cavitaton generator is the basis of DEWA-technology. There are two major types of cavitators: Rotary-(Im)pulse cavitator (RIA) and Hydrodynamic Cavitator.

Rotary-Impulse Apparatus (RIA)

Product line of rotary-pulse apparatus (RIA) has units of various capacities. It can be produced for various applications: treatment of fertilizers, water, foods pastes, oil products and others.

Fertilizers Treatment Complex DEWA-F

It is designed for treatment of suspensions of peat, humus, sapropel, etc. Includes a complete set of equipment: tank with a stirrer, pump, RIA, control cabinet, etc. All equipment is mounted on a common frame and can be transported in a container.


DEWA-OIL is complex of equipment for processing of oil before the oil-cracking stage or for improvement of Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO, mazut) or diesel.