Liquids Heating

In some cases RIA and static reactors can be used for heating of liquids. Due to permanent process of collapsing cavitation bubbles inside the liquid, heat energy is released. So, multiple passes of liquids through Static Reactor and RIA are followed with a heating of liquid. Heat energy is produced as the result of converting …

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Improving oil and oil-based fuels

During several studies it was found that cavitation generated by Static Reactor and RIA can break long molecular chains. As the result oil viscosity and pour point go down. Also, wax fractions in oil are partly destroyed. Watered oil (mazut, HFO, Fuel Oil – FO) can be passed through the RIA. This process will produce …

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DEWA-OIL for proccessing oil-based products

Overview DEWA-OIL is a complex of equipment for improving oil and oil-based products. DEWA-OIL reduces cracking temperature, oil viscosity, pour point temperature, makes oil more homogeneous. Oil, processed in DEWA-OIL, has higher output of light fractions like benzin and diesel. Oil and oil-based fuels becoming uniform what improves combustion characteristics. Applications DEWA-OIL is effective for …

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