DEWA-F for producing organo-mineral fertilizers

DEWA-F is a multifunctional complex for producng organo-mineral fertilizers in a form of gel. Fertilizers can be produced from peat (torf), humus, sapropel, etc. Fertilizers produced in DEWA-F have higher content of humic acids. 

Horse or poultry manure, processed in DEWA-F, is almost completely disinfected and is also suitable for use as fertilizers. Additional desinfection (decontamination) can be made by a static reactor.

Reagents-Free Fluids Decontamination

DEWA impact is the unique reagent-free solution for liquids decontamination.

Cavitaion impact of RIA (Rotary-imPulse-Apparatus) on liquids destroys colloids&particles which might contain bacteries. Bactercidal effect of RIA is directly proportional to its intensity, multiplicity and time.

Decontamination Mechanisms

Cavitation destroys colloids and particles which contain bacterias.

DEWA Technologies

DEWA technologies are based on periodical high-pulse (cavitation) impact on treated substance: liquid, mix of liquids or slurries (liquid + hard inclusions). High-pulse cavitation impact has its specifics like:

  • liquid activation caused by periodical high-pulse impact;
  • homogenization & well-mixing of liquids and slurries, even those which are hardly mixed, what caused by breaking of long-molecular chains;
  • heating as a result of energy input.

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Rotary-Impulse Apparatus


Rotary-Impulse Apparatus (RIA) is a multifunctional equipment which is used for processing mixes liquid&liquid (emulsion), liquid&solid (suspension, slurry) and also liquid&gas. Major functions of RIA are

  • homogenization of emulsions and slurries
  • processing of oil-based liquid products: homogenization of oil and oil products, improving quality of diesel, gasoil, reducing oil viscosity, reducing paraffin (wax) molecular structures, the impact of water presence in gasoline&diesel (by creating well mixed and homogeneous oil-water mixture
  • reagent-free decontamination &