Fertilizers Treatment Complex DEWA-F

//Fertilizers Treatment Complex DEWA-F

DEWA-F is designed for treatment of suspensions of peat, , sapropel, etc.

DEWA-F is an ‘all-in-one’ complex and includes a complete set of equipment, required for processing humus, sapropel, other organics.

  1. Tank with a stirrer
  2. Rotary-Pulse Apparatus
  3. Pump for RIA
  4. Pump for the final product – optional, when needed
  5. Pipes, valves
  6. Control shelf

All equipment is mounted on a common frame and can be transported in a container. Depending on Customer needs all components could be produced from stainless steel, available for using in food production.

Final configuration is to be defiend in accordance to Customer local facilities and needs.

  • Energy consumption – up to 5…18kW – depends on RIA
  • Capacity – depends on RIA